Reunion Cruises

Reunion Cruises


In 2010, I became inspired by both cruise lines and fellow travel partners to develop a group that was geared towards helping travel partners and in building relationships with cruise line partners and suppliers. With years of knowledge and education, I designed the NCL Reunion Cruise Group (aka "The PHD@Sea Reunion Cruises") along with a Committee consisting of other knowledgeable and professional travel partners to help with the process. Not only did it become the first of its kind, but was highly successful. It was developed with the premise and the mission to educate, expand knowledge, and network with other fellow travel partners to grow their business.

We started with Norwegian Cruise Line and it became a big success. However, times change and now that we have decided to end our Reunion Cruises with Norwegian Cruise Line, Maraloha Travel, together with the Committee, believe that we should continue the premise of reunion cruises with other cruise lines. 

The Reunion Cruise Committee

Lisa Schindler
Tony Fiore
David Holman

Our renewed purpose is to create a Worldwide Reunion Cruise Group where travel partners who continually demonstrate knowledge of, loyalty to, and sales of cruise line partners/suppliers to join together again to build and renew relationships to increase business, work and grow together, and learn from each other. In doing so, travel partners are continually able to enhance their experience on all cruise line ships, learn about individual cruise line’s newest promotions/products, network, and exceed in selling these cruises to their clients.

As part of this new venture, Maraloha Travel and the Committee with continually keep you posted on other Reunion Cruises and value each and every Travel Partners input to continue to develop this group.

We hope that you share in our vision and look forward to seeing you on future reunion cruises!

Stay Tuned….

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