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Carnival Paradise - 3/19/16

Carnival Cruise Line
Leaving: Port Of Tampa
March 19, 2016

Arriving at the Port of Tampa was a little easier than our last ship tour as we arrived right on time and had to check in at the Events Desk to get our boarding pass at 11:00AM.  Not much long after that, we started to board, however, we were pretty much on our own to see the ship.  There was only one Carnival representative to do a guided tour, however, since there were over 40 travel agents, it was easier doing it yourself.  

This ship is somewhat smaller than the rest in the fleet.  I cruised on this ship back in 1998 when she first started sailing and when my mom was the knowledgeable travel agent and I was the rookie forever in training.  It brought back some good memories of our family sailing on her and she still has some of its old decor. To my surprise not much has been updated than what I have seen on other ships in the Carnival line.  However, they did have the 2016 Concert Series going on.  This is a special Carnival Live Concert Series onboard the ship.  This week was KC and the Sunshine Band.  During the month of May - Journey and July - Trace Adkins.

As we boarded, we were led into the Atrium where most of the passengers were sitting either having a few drinks before heading to their cabins or checking into Guest Services to check out their account or make reservations.  There was a very large group of travel agents on-board and it was difficult to get some really good pictures of the cabins.


Off to see the staterooms and get a better idea of where some of my clients would be interested in staying onboard the ship.

First cabin we headed to was an Interior Stateroom (E81) - Category 4E. This stateroom was a good spacious cabin to fit 2 people as you can see from the pictures.  However, I would definitely not suggest 3 or 4 people in a stateroom like this.  The bathrooms are pretty standard for all the interior staterooms as they are small.  That curtain that hides a "so called" window?  It's NOT a window my friends. It's fake.  There is a wall there and just for decor purposes they put in a curtain.  However, if you went to see the Porthole Stateroom (U15) - Category PT.  This cabin is exactly an interior stateroom but has an actual porthole window with the curtain. The other Interior Stateroom (U71) - Category 4D, you could possibly fit 3 to 4 people.  It would be a tight squeeze though but the room is exactly the same as a Category 4E but with an actual window like the Category PT.  


Onward to the Oceanview Stateroom (U67) - Category 6D. This stateroom is more spacious and can fit up to 2 people and would not suggest for 3 to 4 people.  Again, bathroom is the standard size as an interior but it has more storage space for your belongings along with lots of closet space.

Now we move on to some of the better staterooms, the Suites!  We were able to see two Junior Suites, one which has an obstructed balcony and one that does not.  First was Junior Suite (Obstructed View) (V25) - Category OB.  This is the obstructed balcony stateroom which sometimes, if you don't mind the obstruction, you can get a good price on for the cruise.  However, if you want one that is not obstructed by lifeboats, a Junior Suite (V19) Category JS is your best bet.  You can fit up to 4 people in this suite and comes with lots of amenities.  From a full bar, vanity area, a comfortable couch to lounge on, and lots of extra closet/storage space.


Last but not least was the Grand Suite (U73) - Category GS, which is the largest suite on this ship.  This has everything the Junior Suites have except much more, including a walk in closet, full living area separated by a half glass wall, bathtub, plus a large balcony.  A definite must if you ever get the chance to stay in a suite!


Here are some other pictures of the walk in closet, bathroom, and large balcony:


After seeing the staterooms, we headed around the ship, starting in the Atrium, to see some of the public areas of the ship.  This ship is very easy to get around and has everything most of your standard cruise ships have.  From a casino, theater, spa, beauty salon, pool, water slides, cafes, and WiFi stations.  If you ever wanted to get married on a cruise there are tons of ways you can do it.  There just happened to be a wedding taking place on board and the reception was going full blast in both the Rex and The Leonardo venues.  Of course, I had to have my hand at Chess by trying to kidnap the Pawn!


After finishing our tour of the public areas, we headed for lunch in one of the two main dining rooms - The Destiny Dining Room.  The menu is pretty standard on all ship tours with one appetizer, one choice of an entree and then a dessert.  Carnival is known for their Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  Something you would definitely want to not share with anyone!  Even my fiance tried to take mine! The staff did a little song and dance for us but did a not so choreographed "jig" to the music.  I was really not impressed with the food or the entertainment.  However, the staff was very nice and accommodating.  After lunch, we decided to leave as the tour was over and there was not that much to see.


Some of their amenities, such as Spa & Salon Services, Cheers & Bottomless Programs, and a copy of the Daily Itinerary are all here for you to look at as well, just click on the link:

Overall: The ship was small and very outdated. Even though it is a good ship to just do a 5 or 7 day cruise to see the different ports and priced right, I would not suggest it for an event or a special occasion. Its more of an overall family vacation just to get away. The newer ships have more updated decor, entertainment, and activities.

I hope you all enjoyed our visit on Carnival Paradise and stay tuned for more visits with Maraloha Travel!

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.

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