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NCL Escape - Day 6 (Sea Day)

NCL Escape - Day 6
(Sea Day)

PLEASE NOTE: This review has nothing to do with Maraloha Travel. This cruise was for the purpose of the Reunion Cruise Group that I do every year in dedication and heavy advocacy for Travel Agents. It is also for purposes of giving insight to cruising and my personal experiences. Call your travel agent for more information about experiencing your first or future cruise.

So after a relaxing day in Tortola with not that much to do.. here we are a day at sea to have some fun!  Our group did have a "Behind the scenes" tour set up but that got all screwy...  Originally, we were supposed to have the bridge included with the tour, however the captain was not able to do it at that time.  He either wanted to do it when we were in Tortola or when we hit Miami at 9am!  I don't think that would have been convenient or ideal.  In addition, by the time the group coordinator got back to me about it, it was already a "minute late, dollar short" to say the least.  I was not happy, but things happen and we just went with it.  I just didn't appreciate when something is promised to me, they don't deliver.  However I did make up for it.  Can't leave my TA's!  Love them!

Now with a beautiful day at sea and the weather being so warm, JC and I decided to hit the pool area to see the staff carve an ice sculpture.  I really love watching how they do it and what they are going to create.  You think its one thing, but ends up being something else entirely!  Trying to get a picture afterwards is always a task.  The kids want to touch it and be all over it.  People are cramming into each other to take pictures with it but hey people... its not the end of the world.  Trust me.. you will get a picture with it.  LOL!

So after that fiasco of people slamming into one another, we decided to hit the shops on deck 8.  After scoping the deals, we stopped at the Sugarcane Bar to grab a soda.  Little did we know we were going to have the time of our lives!  We met several passengers, Chris, Anna, Michael, Kathy, John and Debra.. all hanging out and having drinks.  John started to talk to me and introduced me to the bartender Bong.....ROFLMAO!!  What a name!!  I laughed so hard I almost peed on myself.. JC comes over and wanted to know why I was laughing so hard because I was only supposed to go over and grab a drink for both of us.  When he heard it, he couldn't hold it in either.  Reminded me of a joint!! 

So there we are, never figuring that we would have spent so much time there, laughing constantly and loudly, drinking some great mojitos, playing bar games, and ordering more "prune juice."  We had the time of our lives and couldn't believe it went so fast.  We had to leave so that we could get ready for the group picture at 5:45pm and then our group dinner.

But we couldn't leave without seeing our "Bob" dancing away in the Atrium to the beat of Tezz Yancey.  Hilariously funny and very entertaining... just look!!

Onward to the group picture and dinner!  The best part of having a group is being able to get together to have a picture to remind us of the good times we have had and the dinner to chat about all the adventures people experienced!  I really enjoyed this group and their expertise.  You can learn a lot, laugh and get great advice from these very experienced TA's.  I was so sad that we could not spend more time together.  So with that said, JC went to see the show "Oh What A Night! A Tribute To Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons" as it was the only time to see it as it was not playing anymore through this cruise.  So I got to spend quality time with my TA's as this was the last time I would see everyone in my group before we got off the ship.

Again, as I have said several times on this cruise, the food was very salty.  I had to have the vegetarian dish because it had the least salt and tasted good.  JC came back and since I am not much of a dessert person, JC and I went back to our cabin.  How cute was this?  A mouse was in our house!  We of course, had to name it.  We called our mouse Melvin.  So Melvin the mouse stuck around for quite some time. LOL!

Change of clothes and off to Spice H2O for the Glow Party.  Really not that exciting as we have been to this before, but we got a different vibe from it.  Don't know what it was but there were A LOT of drunk people, a fight broke out, AND lots of people bumping into you.  Not my cup of tea!

So with some good and bad highlights of the day, overall we still had some good times and now we are only left with one more day.

Tomorrow we hit Nassau, Bahamas!!  Tour of Atlantis!  This is going to be fun.  

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.  

Tune in for day seven of the 5th Annual NCL Reunion cruise on Norwegian Escape!

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