Tuesday, December 27, 2016

NCL Escape - Day 5 (Tortola, British Virgin Islands)

NCL Escape - Day 5
(Tortola, British Virgin Islands)

PLEASE NOTE: This review has nothing to do with Maraloha Travel. This cruise was for the purpose of the Reunion Cruise Group that I do every year in dedication and heavy advocacy for Travel Agents. It is also for purposes of giving insight to cruising and my personal experiences. Call your travel agent for more information about experiencing your first or future cruise.

So here it is... Day 5 of our cruise and we hit Tortola early in the morning and really not much to do here.  They did spruce up the shopping area, but not by much.  This would have been an ideal time to do a shore excursion, for instance, dolphin swim, snorkeling, or sea lion encounter.  However, we did not do that.  We made it a pretty leisurely day and went to the old market down the block, visited the new shopping facility, and got on board early.  I even got my head wrapped in the shroud by the locals.  Her name was Beverly and she was a sweetheart and pleasant to talk with.  Always happy and fun to be around.  I actually enjoyed that.  Pretty relaxing and not so much pressure or stress to deal with.  


As we ate lunch, we watched the ship sail away for another day at sea.  Back at our cabin, another delightful treat from Sean and then we joined Amy and Robert on our balcony's to check out the scenery as we left Tortola.


Such a beautiful sight!  

Tonight was pretty relaxing.  The only event going on was the 80's party at Spice H2O.  Been there, done that.. but it was nice to hear our favorite music again.  


So tomorrow is another day at sea and then Nassau, Bahamas! 

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.  

Tune in for day six of the 5th Annual NCL Reunion cruise on Norwegian Escape!

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