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NCL Escape - Day 2 (Sea Day)

NCL Escape - Day 2
(Sea Day)

PLEASE NOTE: This review has nothing to do with Maraloha Travel. This cruise was for the purpose of the Reunion Cruise Group that I do every year in dedication and heavy advocacy for Travel Agents. It is also for purposes of giving insight to cruising and my personal experiences. Call your travel agent for more information about experiencing your first or future cruise.

Another day at sea and of course, a full schedule of things to do on the Freestyle Daily.  We really wanted to be able to relax a little so we decided to sleep in.  At around 11AM we went to visit Sean  (Hotel Director) at Guest Services to give him a gift that we had gotten him as a thank you for taking care of us, our group and my clients who sail on NCL Escape.  It was nice to chat with him again and discuss business of course.  

A little hungry at this point, we go to O'Sheehan's for a little snack.  My favorite is always the salad and warm artichoke/spinach dip.  YUMMY!!  JC had the wings as they were the safest for his diet and of course chased it down with a Strongbow (compliments of the free beverage package).  Then we stayed there and played Deal or No Deal.  Interesting game, expensive at $20 a card, but lots of fun.  The best seat in the house is at O'Sheehan's.  You can see everything below in the Atrium and not have to constantly look over people's heads if you were down in the Atrium sitting or standing, playing the game.

This evening at 6PM was the group Cocktail party so we decided to head to the cabin to get ready. When we arrive at the cabin, we get an invite to the Captain's party at the Haven and a little gift from Sean.  I have to say that it is always nice getting a little something to nosh on or a little drink here and there before we have to go somewhere.  For JC and I, it was very romantic.  

Down to the 5'Oclock Somewhere Bar we meet up with several Travel Agents from our group to have a cocktail or two and head to the Haven for the Captain's party.  The Haven is definitely a must see when on this ship or any of NCL's ships.  Its gorgeous, luxurious, and peaceful.  I love being there and being able to see the rooms and the private areas that only Haven guests have access to.  It was nice to meet the Captain, First Officer, Human Resources Director and the Cruise Director and chat with them on a more personal level rather than a guest level.    


Highlights of the Captains Party:


After chatting for several minutes we decided to head on out to see a comedy show at Headliners.    I must say that the comedian was hilarious!  The comedian was Clinton Jackson.  He has been touring all around the world and has been on many known TV shows and commercials.  If you get a chance and he is on the ship when you go, please see him.

After the show, JC wanted to walk around the ship and get an idea of where the fitness room was.  Even though it was closed, we were able just to see it and take some pictures. Yes, they do have a scale in case you want to keep a track of how much you lost or gained on your cruise! LOL!

So with another great day to the 5th Annual Reunion Cruise, tomorrow is another day at sea. More fun for our TA's!

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.  

Tune in for day three of the 5th Annual NCL Reunion cruise on Norwegian Escape!

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