Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are You A Cruiser Or A Resorter?

Differences Between A Cruise And An All Inclusive Resort Vacation

Deciding where to go and the uncertainty of choosing between a cruise or a particular all-inclusive resort can be intimidating and … hard to picture. Especially taking a gamble on your family’s vacation. So how is a cruise different than an all-inclusive resort vacation? Here are some comparisons as to what both a cruise and an all-inclusive resort vacation can offer:


Your bags are packed and you are bursting with excitement as you are on your way to the port for your first cruise. (If you have kids, they are screaming and anxious to get onboard!)

You’ll stop at four islands during the course of your 7-day voyage, and at each one you’ll have the opportunity to experience its unique vibe, local cuisine, and possibly enjoy some great tours on the island or do a little shopping for people at home. During your days at sea, you’ll eat lavish meals in the ship’s main dining room or specialty restaurants, relax at the pool and spa, participate in activities onboard, and see Broadway/Vegas-style shows, maybe a deck party or two! Your cabin has plenty of sleeping room for everyone, a bathroom, and a private balcony where you can sit and gaze out into the deep blue ocean. 

Does this sound like a dream? Fortunately, cruising is a real vacation opportunity for you and your family! Even for the couples that are looking for the romantic getaway vacation. What’s even more surprising is you can afford it and can even be less expensive than an all-inclusive vacation!


All Inclusive Resort Vacation


You’re on the flight, getting closer to that beautiful island far, far away you have been dreaming of. You are envisioning beautiful weather and can hardly wait until the plane lands.

You’ll get off the plane, hop on the shuttle to take anywhere from a 10 – 30 minute ride to the resort. You’ll spend from 4 – 7 days at the same resort, relaxing, enjoying exquisite cuisine (even by the beach, pool, or a romantic fire pit), a splash in the pool or a relaxing massage from one of the spa personnel on the beach, to some exciting entertainment. You might be able to enjoy the local scenery, but have to check how the local activity is. Then off to jet ski, soak on the beach, and enjoy a night at the disco club. Your room has either a garden, pool, or oceanview, even possibly a private balcony.

Does this sound like a possibility? It could be more cost saving that a cruise, but there are some things to consider when it comes to doing an all-inclusive resort vacation. Again, it is still affordable and possible to afford, just like a cruise!


Which is a better value?

Just because a cruise includes less than a resort does not necessarily mean that it is not an ideal or more valuable vacation for you and your family. You are certainly getting a lot for your money with booking a cruise and/or all-inclusive resort, however, there are some disadvantages to consider:

Yes we know! Lots of information but even planning a vacation tends to be stressful and time-consuming, especially deciding on a cruise or an all-inclusive resort. Most consumers are always looking for a “cheap” vacation, but end up getting exactly what they paid for – added stress, problems, and extra expenses, especially bad memories. This is where a Travel Agent comes in, built with the knowledge and experience with YOU in mind! 

Our Pick: Cruises! Ok, so we’re a bit biased. But that’s only because we truly believe that cruises are a superior vacation and we have the experiences to prove it. CLIA statistics show that the number of people that have cruised from 2009 – 2015 have increases from 17.8 to 23.0 million people. Cruising has a 42% best overall vacation amongst customers while all-inclusive resort vacations only got a whopping 9%! Customers were 89% highly satisfied with their cruise vacation and 84% would recommend a cruise to a friend. Resorts may a have a slight space advantage, but cruises win handily when it comes to the sheer variety of food, activities, and entertainment. And when you add in the chance to visit several different places without having to deal with the headache of transportation, it doesn’t seem like much of a contest, doesn’t it?

Which one are you? A Cruiser or A Resorter?

Many kinds of travelers would be happy at either a resort or on a cruise, but certain styles of vacations will get you better value for your dollar at each place. For instance, a cruise may be less inclusive and therefore more expensive than a comparable resort vacation, but if a resort vacation is not what you want, your trip will be less valuable to you.

Cruises are best for travelers seeking to explore several destinations and who want an extremely diverse array of activity options. A cruise can stop at three to five islands and offers shore excursions from horseback riding to parasailing and exploring historic sites. Cruises may cost more, but they are designed for travelers who want to get off the ship and have unique experiences at each port of call. In addition, cruises may also be better for travelers seeking a high-level of service. 

Resorts are best for active travelers who like water sports and plenty of opportunities at hanging out in a bathing suit all day. They also enjoy local cuisine, trying out multiple dining options and popular drinks. They immerse themselves in the culture and history of the destination. In addition, it is most popular for families with children, weddings and romantic getaways.

On the other hand, resorts offer the best value for relaxing vacations. You can find a variety of included water sports and entertainment options to interest an active traveler, in addition to plenty of opportunities for sunning on the beach. And the best thing is that you'll hardly ever have to take out your wallet. However, if you keep venturing from the resort to dine at local restaurants or explore other areas of the island, you won't be getting the best value from your vacation dollars. In that instance, you'd be better off booking a room in a non-inclusive hotel or trying a cruise that calls at several ports.

For multi-generational families, both cruises and resorts are good options. Both have kids' clubs to entertain the little ones and a variety of activities to satisfy family members of every age. Just remember, Venezia advises, that when your kids think it's fun to try virgin pina coladas, they'll be free at a resort and between $5 and $10 on a cruise.

What it boils down to is this: The VALUE of a vacation depends on the kind of getaway you're seeking and what is the right fit for you and your family!  This is why you use Maraloha Travel for all your travel needs!

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