Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NCL Escape - Port Of Miami - Post Cruise Trip Back To Tampa

NCL Escape - Post Cruise Trip Back To Tampa
(Port of Miami, Florida)

Docked in the Port of Miami at 5AM, we decided to sleep a little longer and get up at 7AM since we had priority disembarkation and did not have to get off the ship until 9:30AM.  We headed to the Photo Gallery to get our last minute photos before they closed at 9AM and then headed to the Garden CafĂ© to get our breakfast.  As we sat looking out at the port, we, as probably many of the passengers on the ship were doing, reminisced about the great time we had on our cruise and what we experienced.  Of course, everyone else was Tweeting, Facebooking, and calling loved ones to share their experience and make arrangements for when they disembarked the ship. 

TIPIf you do have a late disembarkation from the ship, I suggest that you keep your luggage in your stateroom until you come back (before 9AM) to pick it up.  This way you don’t have to lug it around with you on the ship and at breakfast.

After breakfast, we got our luggage and headed to the Tobacco Road bar where our priority disembarkation was to meet.  The Hotel Director’s Assistant met with us and brought us to a private elevator to take to Deck 6.  Getting off at Deck 6, you in the front of the line to leave the ship and got the opportunity to say goodbye to Sean and the rest of the staff waiting for us.  It was a sad moment but I know that J.C. and I will visit again, whether on this ship or another one.

As we walked off the ship, it was time to get the rest of our luggage (remember we left them outside our cabin the night before) and go thru customs.  Now since we did not eat the Anniversary cake we received the night before from Sean, you are able to carry it off the ship and take it home with you!.  So with luggage in hand and the cake, we made our way thru customs and headed towards where the shuttle for the Miccosukee Hotel was supposed to meet us.

Here comes the stress!!  Besides the whipping winds at the terminal in Miami, and in calling the hotel several times, getting hang ups, and finally reaching a human, they told us that they were not picking us up until 11AM!  So we were stuck outside the cruise terminal for an hour and a half waiting for them.  In addition, the driver told us the wrong location to meet him.  So, we had to lug the luggage, the cake (without dropping it), in the high winds to the shuttle.  No, I didn’t drop the cake.

Finally back at the Hotel, we get in the car and start heading home.  Thank goodness the winds died down and the weather was sunny, with the roads clear.  Sayonara Miccosukee!  I will not be visiting anytime soon and neither will my clients!

The drive back was sunny and clear.  No pictures to take, just sleeping on the way back most of the
time.  We got back at 4:30PM, brought the luggage into the house and crashed!  We were so tired and exhausted getting up so early and catching up on needed sleep!

I hope you all enjoyed our journey on NCL Escape and stay tuned for more adventures with Maraloha Travel in 2016!

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