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NCL Escape - Day 6 (Sea Day)

NCL Escape - Day 6
(Sea Day)

The Day It Is Not Busy!
Here we go! Another day at sea and lots of activities on board! This is the day for all the specials on photos, gifts, and bargains to get for family, friends, colleagues back home. We decided to head out to the Marketplace on poolside to see what the T-shirt sale was all about. The t-shirts were your standard NCL garb and reasonably priced. 2 for $20 and come in all sizes, however, you have to get their early as the place was mobbed! Everyone wants a good bargain so you have to search the piles of t-shirts and hold onto the shirts you want. This is also good for the business entrepreneurs as you can get gifts for clients too!

Next up, Central Retail (the gift shop) for the bargains on watches, scarves, and jewelry.  Mind you, this is not your upscale jewelry and if you know your pricing you can get these items at any store in the US.  However, the Bell & Rose Box Jewelry which comes with a watch and some extra items is definitely worth the money.  It would cost you about $20 per box on the cruise and it’s a definite steel!  Great gifts again for anyone and you can’t find this at any store.  Since Central Retail is near the photo gallery and the fine jewelry, this is a good time to see if they have any sales going on.  I know that I was interested in the Marahlago and Lauren G Adams jewelry, but with Marahlago, there was only a 20% discount.  You can get it directly from Marahlago for less so this is really not a bargain. 

However, Lauren G Adams jewelry I was able to get a one of a kind, not being sold anywhere, Montana collection necklace.  This was a worthwhile piece and very beautiful.  Remember, when you shop for jewelry you want to make sure that over the years it goes up in value, and it will if you invest in the right piece.  I know that most of my pieces will do so, especially Tanzanite.  If you are ever in the islands, this is a must!

So now with being exhausted and starting to get a migraine from all the crowds, chaos, and bargain shopping, it was off to poolside to get a drink and see the ice carving demonstration! It’s great to watch how they can carve away at a block of ice to create a masterpiece.  Since it was the Christmas season, they decided to do a reindeer.

Since it was now about 4pm, and we spend much of our time relaxing at poolside, it was back to the cabin to get ready to take some professional photos.  Remember that the do offer this during the cruise, at least 4 times so you have the opportunity to get some really good pictures.  You don’t pay for them yet, as you need to go up to the photo gallery, pick the ones you want, and then pay for them.  They can get pricy as the 5x7 costs $20.00 and the 8x10 costs $30.  However, they do have specials, for instance buy 10 for $149 or buy 10 with everything on a USB for $149.  Not a bad deal either as we decided to do the $149. 

Heading to the Atrium at around 7:30pm, there was a line and a wait for most of the picture taking.  We scheduled ourselves to be at “The Brat Pack” show at 8:45pm and was hoping it wasn’t going to take too long, so I was a little stressed.  Finally at around 8:15pm, we started to take some pictures and to my surprise, J.C. proposed (as most of you knew from the Facebook posting)!  I was very surprised and excited, especially with everyone screaming at the photo shoot, Sean and the rest of the NCL staff practically announcing it to everyone, and the Brat Pack actors waiting for us to escort us into the show!  What a surprise that was!   

After the show, we headed back to our cabin to get ready for the “Glow” party at H2O Spice.  Now this was a party you didn’t want to miss!  This party really hit it off with many of the passengers onboard and the turnout was much better than the 80’s party.  Dancing, laughter, and excitement became the vibe of the party.  The music was pumping, the people were jumping and singing along.  We loved this party and even J.C. broke out a dance move, here and there! 

Here is a video of our experience with this party:

Even though this is almost the end of our cruise, we were ready for more!

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.  Tune in for our last day of our cruise on Norwegian's newest ship the Escape!

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  1. Beautiful comment from Sheri Swith Akey: Lisa Schindler...congratulations and loved reading about the Escape! With my husband of 49 years (yes..we DID get married when VERY young) passing away this year it was almost like being on a cruise with him again. Thanks for all the tidbits about onboard things to do. Maybe this year I'll get back on a NCL cruise!