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NCL Escape - Day 2 (Sea Day)

NCL Escape - Day 2
(Sea Day)

Up in the morning early at 10AM with our Freestyle Daily schedule in hand, we headed to the Atrium to meet the Hotel Director and staff.  This is a must if this is ever on the schedule on a cruise ship.  You not only get to interact with the staff one on one, but you can ask them anything and they have the answer!  It was a pleasure to see Sean and Julie again and if you ever met them previously, they always remember who you are, even if they met you on a different ship!  This is what makes you feel that you are remembered and valued as a guest onboard.  

Next we were off to the Port Shopping Presentation in the Escape Theater.  Again, this is something you must go to and don’t want to miss.  Lots of bargains, important port information, and shopping tips for the different ports of call.  You even get to win some prizes and free gifts! 

After the presentation we wanted to do something fun.  J.C. saw that the Live Auction for the Art on board was being presented at Headliners with a chance to win a piece of art.  I really don’t like these events as I just don’t have the money to spend over $500 for art.  It’s really an acquired taste.  However, it was really interesting to see it if you have never been to one.  As you walked in, there were lines of artwork that you could put a post it on to have it brought up at auction to buy it.  We saw some interesting ones and the one we really liked was reasonable but just could not afford.  Of course, they hand you the sales pitch about financing.  They also ship it to your home free of charge and no sales tax!  That is a good deal and you don’t have to carry it home with you!  Bonus!  However, no sale for me but might be an option in the future. 

Now for something fun!  Off to the Atrium for the game show Deal or No Deal and of course, we decided to join in and get a quick bite at O’Sheehans.  Now, since the game show was being presented at the Atrium and O’Sheehans overlooks the Atrium, we were able to do both!  Eat and join in on the game!  That was a plus! No winnings here but we still had fun.  

After that, we went to The Cellar’s for the Wine & Chocolate Perfect Pairing event.  This is a MUST!  It was well worth the $23.95 per person charge and came with 5 ¼ glasses of wine with chocolate and a great lesson in wine drinking, pairing, and learning about the different wines.  You also got to leave with a “Wine Tasting Tool” chart to take home with you so that you don’t forget what you learned. LOL.     

Back to the room we went to get ready for the Captain’s Cocktail Party!  We got a special invite at our cabin from Sean to join him, the captain’s staff and the captain up at the Haven to have some drinks and talk to the staff.  Now, the Haven is the best of the best accommodations and suites available on the ship.  This was a great opportunity to see what this exclusive, member only section of the ship had to offer to clientele and see what it has to offer clients.  At the party, we had some great wine, good conversations and meet and greet the staff.  In our travels around the ship, we met some people who happened to be staying at the Haven.  We saw them at the concierge lounge and sat with them to talk for a while.  This was very informative to get some feedback on their experience and personal opinions about the Haven Suite they were staying in.  My colleague and friend Binta came to join us later for some more conversation.

As the night grew late, we decided to call it a night and headed back to the cabin to plan our day for tomorrow.

As you can see, you really need to plan ahead as there is so much to do on the ship with all the activities.  You just can’t do it in a day.

Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you.  Tune in for day three of our cruise on Norwegian's newest ship the Escape!

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