Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NCL Escape 2015 - Day 3 (Sea Day)

NCL Escape - Day 3
(Sea Day)

With now an hour ahead time change and up a little late at 11AM, we were scheduled to go to the Wine Lover’s Musical at the Supper Club.  As we got there, it was almost the same set up as the Wine & Chocolate Perfect Pairing at The Cellars the previous day, however, it comes with lunch, wine and the show.  Remember, that the wine is only 5 – ¼ glasses of wine.  

Overall impression: Not worth it.  I thought the wine pairing at The Cellars was better than this.  The food was average and the show was not spectacular. 

However, we did meet this nice couple Isabelle and Brent at the Supper Club during the show.  They were first time cruisers and they mentioned to us that they were not having a great time.  We got to talking with them and learned that not only did the travel agent not tell them anything about the ship, activities, or ask them any questions, but only called them for their credit card?  Ok, that was totally unacceptable to me.  I could not believe for first time cruisers they should have this experience.  In addition, they mentioned that this was their honeymoon!  Wow!  

They then proceeded to tell me that they were staying in an inside cabin on deck 5, with noise from the 6th floor and had not slept well at all thus far. In addition, their beds were apart and for some reason could not get the beds together in order for them to sleep together. They got no perks when booking their cruise and the travel agent did not give them anything special for their honeymoon! Who does this to honeymooners on a first time cruise??? Whatever happened during their booking process or with their travel agent was really not my concern but now I was on a mission to make it right for them. I was not looking for a hand out or a pat on the back at this point. I was determined to make them happy, first time cruisers and feel positive about their experience.

As we sat and practically closed The Supper Club down, basically kicking us out, we headed to the Guest Relations desk so that I could talk to someone to help them out.  In speaking with the staff, they were very accommodating and understood the couple’s situation after I explained what happened.  NCL was able to put then in a Balcony cabin on Deck 10!  The guest relations staff member took us to the room where they would be now switching too and Isabelle and myself began to cry.  Isabele was in tears and her husband was ecstatic.  (Her husband is also in the army on leave from active duty so that was a pleasure for him to get some extra attention).

I know that some of you might think that is pathetic, but for me to make someone happy it is well worth it and FOR NOTHING!  I was not looking for a hand out or for money.  It was a way for me to do something nice for someone who really needed it and I believe they were put in my lap for a reason.  This really made my day and proud to do what I do! 

As Isabele and Brent rushed back to their cabin to pack up and head to their new one, J.C. and I headed to 5’oclock Somewhere Bar to catch up on the latest Diamond & Gemstone Seminar.  This was just an informative get together to educate yourself on how to buy a diamond or gemstone you are looking for.  To me, the only real bargain here is the coupons you can use to buy the piece you really want and of course, tax and duty free! 

Next, back to the cabin to rest a little (with a little surprise waiting for us), get dressed, and explore the ship more!  

We headed to O’Sheehans to get a little something to eat (the salad is a must!  It is so good!).  Hit ourselves up at Tobacco Road with a good signature cocktail in a tiki glass and then off to the casino! 

J.C. and I were able to win some of our money back and a little more on our favorite game Wonder Woman!  Remember that show with Linda Carter?  I loved it growing up as a kid and J.C. and I had some fun while playing.

Tomorrow is St. Thomas and of course, we planned our day for that as there is lots to see and do on this island. 

Stay tuned for another day on NCL Escape for our next adventure in St. Thomas!

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  1. That is definitely the Lisa I know. Her dedication to her own clients is exactly what she showed to this couple & what makes her a great travel agent, and friend.

  2. Great job Lisa ! I am curious as to what type of TA they booked thru... OTA, NCL direct or a brick & mortar agency ?

    1. I think it was through some kind of casino deal. But I was just glad to help out. Thanks so much for the comments! It is greatly appreciated.