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CruiseWorld 2015 - Day 2 - 11/12/15

CruiseWorld 2015
Day 2 - 11/12/15

Here we go....Day 2 of CruiseWorld and I am already pumped for another day of fun-filled seminars and events! (However, getting up at 6am was not fun.)

Dondra, JC, Me, & Vicki
Breakfast started at 7:15am and was sponsored by Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises.  This was a great presentation as two of my favorite people, Vicki Freed and Dondra Ritzenthaler are really passionate and show lots of enthusiasm about their cruise lines and what they do.  What do you know?  Sounds like me! 

Keeping the time in mind and not getting much sleep the night before, we had more to go.  After breakfast there were more break out sessions and seminars on different supplier brands, educational classes, and then lunch.  

After lunch it was time for the BIG show!  The CruiseWorld Ribbon Cutting and Exhibitor Showcase. 

Exhibitor Showcase Walk
One thing I must say is that the Exhibitor Showcase at CruiseWorld is one of the best in the industry.  Even though it is only for travel agents and not for the general public, I have the opportunity to do many things that can only benefit YOU! This is why I do it with my customers in mind.

Dancing Away With Carnival Cruise Lines
The Exhibitor Showcase provides me with networking capabilities not available through the internet and "one-on-one" meetings with different brands and what they can offer to my customers as a benefit, education on each different brand which can either have a specific specialization that meets my customers needs and/or benefit my customers in other ways, or it might be a special group vacation I am working on that a supplier could add perks to, for instance, or enable me to plan each specification of my client's vacation to the very last detail with ease.  It's a win-win for both of us with endless possibilities!  In addition, there is a wealth of information that you can't get from the internet which makes me as your travel agent unique in every way that the competition can't match.

Here are some of the many suppliers I have close relations with that give my clients the "special attention" they deserve! (just to name a few....)

My Norwegian Cruise Line Team
My MSC Cruise Team

Special Needs Group
After the Exhibitor Showcase, it was time to retire for the evening, write this blog and go to bed to do it all over again tomorrow.  This is exciting and fun!

So keep in mind the next time you search the internet for hours... contact your travel agent guru!

Stay tuned for the next adventure post tomorrow!

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