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CruiseWorld 2015 - Day 3 - 11/13/15

CruiseWorld 2015
Day 3 - 11/13/15

Day 3 of CruiseWorld and I can't believe it is coming to an end for me.  The CruiseWorld event, however, doesn't end there.  Saturday and Sunday are cruise line ship inspections where travel agents are invited to tour cruise ships that are docked at the Fort Lauderdale cruise port so that they can educate and "test it" for their clients to see if it is a good fit.  However, I did not participate this year in the inspections, but will try next year as we had to get home on Saturday for prior engagements.

For me, the time we spent since the first day we got to Fort Lauderdale seemed to rush by to fast and I have learned so much from this event.  CruiseWorld, since I have done it before, can be overwhelming.  This time around though, it really felt like an overload of information, so much that you could spew it all over the floor!  My brain still hurts at this point in just writing this. LOL.

This last day at CruiseWorld, we started extremely early and it was off to the Convention Center at 7 am to join everyone for breakfast sponsored by Xcelerator, then onward to our educational modules and supplier seminars to learn some more.

At this point, as I am sure that most people felt the same way I did, that we were all tired.  Remember that this event crammed in not only educational classes, but supplier seminars, an Exhibitor Showcase, and networking with other travel agents, suppliers, wholesalers, etc.!  Very fast paced, energetic, and down right intense at times.  You don't even have enough time to talk with others as your schedule is pretty tight.  That is actually a good thing because your goal, at least for me as a travel guru, is to get as much information as I can, learn and educate myself, and benefit my clients.  This is what these travel agent events are all about.  So as a client, you really have to appreciate what we do to provide excellent service to you.

After the day ended and saying goodbye to colleagues and friends, it was back to the hotel to get ready for a last minute concert and blow off some steam!  J.C. surprised me with complimentary tickets from one of the band members of Kamelot.  One of my favorite melodic metal bands!  What a great way to end Cruiseworld!!

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