Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why Use A Travel Agent Over The Internet?

People often ask the question “Why should I use a travel agent verses booking it on the internet or by myself?” 

There are numerous travel agents that can answer that question as to why to use them to book your travel, even myself being a travel agent for over 30 years.  However, consider the FACTS as to why you should use one.

Fact 1: Travel agents are experts when it comes to providing travel related services to the public.  They are licensed, educated, experienced and have developed close relationships with those suppliers to get their clients the best prices, deals, and extra amenities that internet sites can’t match.  Most, if not all, sales representatives working for internet travel companies you go to have to make a “quota” to get their sales.  All they care about is the bottom line.
Fact 2: Travel agents know where to go, who to talk to, and specialize in that particular destination clients are looking for to make their vacation memorable.  Internet sites have sales representatives working for them and are not licensed travel agents.  They have never experienced or visited the destination.  They are sales people and don’t care about the customer.  

Fact 3: Using a travel agent usually costs the same or slightly more than booking a trip on your own. Although you can find the lowest fares via online travel websites for a simple point-A-to-point-B vacation, cheapest isn’t always best. If a client has a complex itinerary or are traveling internationally, a travel agent can save them money because they have the expertise in finding the best fares and to the client’s requirements. Any travel agent can customize the client’s vacation to fit any budget, large or small.  Clients are spending their hard earned dollar and making an investment in their vacation. Sales people only care about the sale, not the customer or saving the customer money.

Fact 4:  I have been saying the word clients when talking about the benefits of using a travel agent and the word customers when booking on the internet with a sales representative.  The reason I am putting emphasis on these two words is simple.  Clients are people that travel agents consider having a longstanding and meaningful relationship or developing a rapport with and always go the “extra mile” for them.  Customers are what the sales representatives on internet websites consider “money.”  They don’t care about the customer that books with them or how much it will NOT save the customer money, let alone any perks.  Travel agents care about their clients, make sure they are satisfied with their vacation, and getting the best value for their money, plus the perks that adds icing on the cake.   

Fact 5: Another downside on relying solely on the Internet when booking a trip: “information overload.” With thousands, to even millions of search listings coming up for different destinations, it’s nearly impossible to sort through all of the information you need to properly plan a vacation online.  The Internet sales representative let alone their website, cannot offer you the personal relationship and one-on-one advice from an expert that a travel agent can, especially a sales representative. There is nothing worse than going through the cost and difficulty of booking your travel by yourself or with a sales representative to only get to a destination and not be satisfied. 

Fact 6: Once your trip is booked, travel agents may be able to offer better flexibility should a client decide to change their plans. Canceling a transaction or altering the client’s travel itinerary may be prohibitively expensive if you booked a trip with a sales representative or even on your own.   But a travel agent may be able to exercise their established relationships with suppliers to adjust the client’s itinerary or bookings at a reduced fee or at no cost.  That type of client representation can be especially important when dealing with missed flights or connections, or travel nightmares like losing a passport or having important belongings lost or stolen. Using a trusted travel agent means the client will be represented at their destination, as well as having someone to call for additional needs. 

Fact 7:  Last but not least, your travel agent is always available! Clients don’t have to wait long hours on the phone to talk to someone or get a response to a question.  They also speak in a language that clients can understand what they are saying.  They are your one-stop-shop to having a great, memorable vacation.

I hope that in reading this you can understand the benefit of using a travel agent.  Contact us, keep informed, and feel free to interact on our Facebook page at

Here are some reviews from personal clients of mine that value the benefit of using a travel agent:

 “We had a WONDERUL cruise!  Thank you for your assistance in arranging it for us!  We will be following up with you in the very near future for another cruise.  We are planning a cruise in May 2015 for my husband and I, plus our two adult sons.  Thank you so much for the chocolate covered strawberries and the wine.  It was a pleasant surprise!!  Thanks again.” – Jill C.

“Hi Lisa, Dana & I wanted to Thank You for all of your assistance in planning and booking our Norwegian cruise. Your recommendations and expertise in planning our cruise made for a great week. Our cabin placement on the ship could not have been better and you booking all 3 of them beside each other made things so easy and we were able to have some great family time together. We had a great time. We will enthusiastically recommend you and Maraloha Travel to those we know. Thank you again. A few photos attached.”  – Richard C.

“Hi Lisa - Thank you for your emaıl. All our long trıp was fıne and we enjoyed everythıng.  We came back home a few days ago and tryıng to adapt ourselves to normal lıfe. I am sure that we will make busıness ın future because all my frıends wants to make cruise after my good impressions which I am still talking about.” – Oguz Z.

“Lisa is so helpful on booking your cruise and everything about it. When we encountered a problem she was on it right away and it was fixed. No matter how many time I emailed her or called her she was always super friendly and never made me seem like I was bothering her. Thanks for everything.” – Leslie R.

I am so happy that when I mentioned how we got this trip together and how beautiful you are to work with - they asked me for your contact info !!!! YEAH !!!! That's what life is all about - passing it forward I REALLY, GREATLY appreciate how much you did to help us - how concerned and caring you were. I will do ALL that I can to promote you and your cruise business. Just wait ...... good things in store for you. You are so beautiful you deserve so much happiness. I want to be part of bringing a little bit into your life :>) THANKS AGAIN !!!!!” – Allyn K.

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