Sunday, December 7, 2014


I wanted to share with you my recent experience on my flights to/from Fort Lauderdale so that you are more informed when you travel.

I left for my cruise the day after Thanksgiving. Great time to fly as it is not crowded at the airports and no hassle. However, when dealing with the stress of trying to keep yourself occupied on a flight is another story.

As we all know, airlines try to have you purchase movies on board. No problem when you don’t bring anything with you purposefully so that you can watch a movie and now, some Fly-Wi on the aircraft to keep in touch via social media (Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, etc). I was not so lucky. On both my flight to and from Fort Lauderdale, FL, I had neither TV nor Wi-Fi. The airline can “reboot” the system, which the flight attendant tried twice. However, little did Jet Blue tell anyone that they decided that this was the time to actually upgrade their system. Therefore, both were not available. 

SOLUTION: Call Jet Blue and let them know what happened. They usually will give you a voucher to use on your next flight.

In addition, when you fly during the winter months, most people bring very heavy and bulky coats with them. The rule is that when you do bring the coats you either put them on your chair and not in the overhead bins so that there is room for everyone’s carry-on luggage. Moreover, when you picked your seat to sit in, the overhead bin above that seat is for your personal carry-on luggage. It should not allow someone else to randomly put their luggage in that spot. As you know, we have all had instances where people are rude and inconsiderate to others in both these situations. On my flights, I experienced just that. People put coats in the overhead compartments leaving no room for luggage and no choice but to search for another available compartment. They moved my friends to the BACK of the plane!

SOLUTION: Not much, however, I have moved other people’s luggage out of my space where it didn’t belong, complained to the stewardess, and pulled the person’s jacket out and dropped it in their lap. I spoke to Jet Blue and that rule about the jackets is correct. However, Jet Blue believes that the overhead compartment above your seat is for everyone. Doesn’t make much sense as if your luggage is in the back of the plane how do you not know someone would not go through it? Make sure you put a lock on it!!

The last issue I had was on our return flight. A very obese woman was hacking and coughing profusely at the gate which sounded like she had severe pneumonia. As she coughed, she started to choke and kept trying to say “I am choking.” I turned to the Jet Blue Check In Desk and told the two women that the person was choking and all they said was “We are on the phone calling for help.” I said, “Are you kidding me? By the time help comes she could be dead! Don’t you know the Heimlich maneuver?” They didn’t say anything. Luckily, another individual traveler waiting for our flight went up and did it and she was ok. 

SOLUTION: Jet Blue needs to train their staff in medical emergency situations. This woman could have died if it wasn’t for this individual.

Besides the obese woman choking, passengers were worried that she was going to be on our flight. Everyone was concerned that she was going to get everyone sick. Luckily for us, she was not on our flight. However, what are the rules that apply to people being that severely sick trying to travel?

SOLUTION: I spoke to Jet Blue about this issue and they stated that it is based on the Surgeon General's list of what they consider to be generally transmissible diseases that can be transferred to other passengers while on an aircraft to be denied boarding. As even stated in their “Contract Of Carriage” Policy (Section 24 “Rules of Transport”)(F) it states: Persons with a communicable disease or infection whose condition poses a direct threat to the health and safety of others…. Can be denied boarding the plane in addition to the Jet Blue Agent making an informative decision to deny them boarding privileges. Just the same if the person was intoxicated or on illegal substances. 

Please be mindful of your surroundings. Make sure if you do have an issue with an airline, always get the agent’s name, document everything once you board or are waiting so that it is fresh in your mind, and call me to assist if necessary.

If you would like a copy of Jet Blue’s “Contract of Carriage” please email me at

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